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Your brand on just one paper.

Building brands can take up a lot of time and energy. It's an extensive process which requires expensive resources. In today's fast paced world we need to make decisions faster, get conversion faster, and therefore build brands faster. The Brand IDX helps to accelerate and optimize the brand building process. By filling in the Brand IDX canvas a clear brand overview can be created within hours or even minutes!

The Brand IDX canvas is based on the two most important aspects of branding: creating an IDentity and an eXperience. It gives an answer to the question: "Who am I and how am I being experienced by others." Download the free canvas and (re)start a brand today!

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Brand IDX Canvas

Based on extensive academic research.

Over ten years of experience in the marketing and overall businsess field have contributed to creating the Brand IDX. Each box on the canvas is either based on a widely-known marketing/branding concept or a frequently used research method. Download whitepaper (available soon).

Designed and used by branding professionals.

On a daily base the Brand IDX is being utilized by various branding and marketing professionals. It's used for speeding up strategic problem solving and as an aid in creative processes. The concept has been developed by the international brand agency Dyseno.

For both individuals and organizations.

The Brand IDX has been carefully designed to be useful for both individuals and organizations. Big and small. The canvas can be used to develop and manage your personal brand, the soul of your company, a particular place or product... Whatever you want to brand. Now you can.

Offered absolutely free. No hidden costs.

The Brand IDX is available as a free download. Why it's free? Because the big idea behind the Brand IDX is to create more powerful brands in the world. This way people with great ideas get a jump start to make people fall in love with their brand. Paid services are also available to extend knowledge or get support.

Learn to build your brand.

Follow the online course and learn how to build brands step by step. In just 12 lessons you will be able to build brands from scratch and help others build theirs. Get to know more about the theory behind each box on the canvas and know how to apply it carefully. Every lesson is full of interactive exercises to build and improve your branding skills. Take your time and follow each lesson at your own pace. Track your progress and continue whenever you like. When you have completed all lessons you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your efforts and newly learned skills. Get educated and fill in the Brand IDX like a pro!

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Brand IDX Course

Book a session with experts.

If you want to take the next step and brand yourself or your organization with the help of professionals, we provide hands-on support. We offer workshops to get familiar with the Brand IDX or sessions in which we fill in the Brand IDX together with various exercises (individually or with a group). Trained experts will guide you to the core of your brand. From here, the desired brand identity and brand experience is determined. The result is a clear overview to create a consistent brand message across all touchpoints.

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